Our holistic centre is all about energy healing. Energy healing is a powerful and natural system of healing that provides effective and lasting relief because it not only deals with the symptoms but the underlying issues as well. The added bonus is no harmful side-effects.

Energy healing is now sought after because it is a holistic treatment of:

  • Physical discomfort and diseases,
  • Issues of fear, low self-worth or confidence,
  • Emotional pain and imprints of past events or circumstances that have a tremendous, detrimental impact on the present,
  • Stress, frustration, depression,
  • Obstacles and stagnation in spiritual progress.


Science concedes that everything is energy, including our bodies. Quantum physics goes further and states that thoughts too are vibrations of energy.

Thoughts and emotions of a low vibration such as anger, fear, sadness, stress and frustration get blocked in the body and cause discomfort or disease. Unless the root cause is addressed, such conditions tend to reoccur or repeat themselves in other parts of the body.

In energy healing, the practitioner uses high frequency energy to release these pockets of clogged low frequency energy, bringing the body back to balance and good health. With the cooperation of the client, the root cause is identified and healing is initiated.

All healing is a process. The client will also be given simple but highly effective practices, nutritional tips and applications that will facilitate healing in chronic conditions and emotional pain or fear. Apart from healing sessions for specific, individual issues, the following types of healing sessions are a great way to totally rejuvenate yourself at the mental, physical, emotional and spiritual level of being.

Life changes as we change within