Chronic diseases program: Cancer/ depression/ arthritis/ migraine/ cardiovascular diseases

We have structured a 90 day programme for people undergoing serious issues with physical health or mental difficulties. Chronic diseases like cancer, hypertension, cardiovascular diseases and so on are dealt with an in-depth program that touches the root cause of disease.

We take our participants on a scientific and spiritual journey working on their thoughts, beliefs, and emotions that have a huge impact on their health and ability to heal. The latest science reveals that we are not victims of unchangeable genes, nor should we buy into a scary prognosis. The fact is we have more control over our health and life than we have been taught to believe.

Our therapists help you heal yourself. Each person has an in-depth one on one session where we understand how their thoughts and emotions are hampering their ability to feel better. We have devised a 90 day healing programme that is running wonderfully well in our clinic.

This 90 day program is not a complicated process. However, to re-align yourself you would need guidance, healing, letting your old patterns of thoughts and emotions go and allowing yourself to bring in higher frequency of love based thoughts that keeps you young and healthy. We strengthen your energy grid by resolving your past issues through our expert modalities.

Every disease has to be tackled at the metaphysical and the physical level. At the physical level- diet, plays a huge role. Certain lifestyle changes make significant changes in ourself. Some of these are the remarkable changes you will witness at the end of 90 days.

  • We specialise in healing chronic diseases with Mind, Body and Spirit alignment
  • Diabetes / Stroke / Depression / Arthritis / Cardiovascular diseases
  • Migraine/ PCOD/ Infertility
  • Backache/ headache / joint pain



A special program for those struggling with obesity and weight loss. Too much weight can take a toll on your body, especially your heart. The good news is that there are steps you can take to get healthier.

  • People who are struggling with food are mostly eating with fear based emotions
  • We explore all aspects of fear and insecurity.
  • Prolonged periods of stress and anxiety creates fat cells in our body to protect us.
  • Building a relationship with ourselves and our body is critical to lead a healthy life.
  • Identifying your body type and foods that suit you
  • Diet plan

Soulful pregnancy

Pregnancy is an emotional and a physical experience. One goes through a range of feelings of anxiety, uncertainty and fear. This does not mean your experience is not going to be great. Signing up for the program we take you through:

  • A Spiritual journey of nine months
  • Removing past traumas and fears
  • Pre-birth communication: your baby is a light being
  • Helping your baby be a creator, thinker, and a leader
  • Bonding with mother, child and father before birth
  • Yoga exercises and deep breathing

Pre marriage counselling

We know that getting married needs a huge amount of preparation, and we all are overwhelmed with the practical aspect. We worry a lot about the dress we will be wearing, we devote extraordinary attention to the numerous functions, the guests to be invited and the cards to be distributed. And yet when people look back on an unhappy union and wonder where the mistakes might have arisen.

  • The main preparation we need ahead of marriage is not practical, but psychological.
  • We need to understand ourselves, our partners, where difficulties may arise and how love might work.

Parental counselling for special children

Parents with children with special needs find it challenging to cope with their situation. We help families get a higher understanding and perspective in the current state of confusion they see themselves in.

  • Acceptance of who you are and allowing others to be
  • Moving from shame to worthiness
  • Letting the disdainful eyes of family, friends and society not impact you or your thought process

Counselling for Adolescents

We offer counselling services for young adults who are facing an overwhelming time with their emotions and stress related to exams or issues that cause pain.

Helping you deal with emotions and coping strategies when you fail to communicate.