International Conference 2019


Dear Friends,

We are delighted to invite you for our three day International Conference on Integrative Medicine and Holistic Healing, which brings together some of the brightest minds in their fields, world-renowned speakers, leaders, and other thinkers to discuss present-day healthcare.

Our quest is to expand and deepen our understanding and experience of our relation with nature and self through the lenses of science, medicine, holistic healing, and spirituality. We intend to collect proposals and experiences, which may benefit society and be implemented in the health care system, recognizing the value of holistic medicine, promoting a culture of peace, wellness, and love.

It is a first of its kind endeavor, where we have realized that recognizing a patient’s spiritual concerns may be viewed as an essential part of the ‘ patient-centered’ medicine increasingly seen as crucial to high-quality patient care. So far Modern Science has not given holistic and energy healing its due place. Allopathic medicine focuses mainly on physical well-being while Emotional, Social and Spiritual aspects of health are not given due recognition as an important component for healing.

Our presenters will be talking on the future amalgamation of the body, mind, and spirit with science. Our healers who are path-breakers in their field, will be part of the discussions and presenting their papers and explaining how various therapies are making new inroads in bringing wellbeing. We have a wide array of therapists from across the globe who are presenting their views and research on diverse subjects like – the biofield viewer which captures the auric field and helps in determining the problems in the energy field of an individual. Hypnotherapy has deep impact in releasing past traumas and transforming thoughts and emotions; ozone therapy is being used as adjunctive therapy for a wide range of chronic illnesses. Acupuncture has immense healing potential in a variety of diseases and chronic problems. Likewise, all the healers and practitioners need to come together to integrate the healing modalities and treat the patient as a whole and not in parts.

Music is also one of the important components of this conference, recognizing it as the language of the soul. We have got some of the best sound therapists who will take you through an experience of ancient traditions, oriental and occidental mixed with distinct fusions and contemporary styles to transmit healing vibrations. For these three days, we would want you all to listen, experience and imbibe the variety that is being offered by every presenter. From enriching discourses to workshops, dance therapy, yoga, and music, enjoy it all.

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4000/- (Spot On),
3000/- (Early Bird),
2000/- (Students)
NIPER, Mohali
20/21/22 Sep 2019
4000/- (Spot On)
3000/- (Early Bird)
2000/- (Students)